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Long-term deficit in the plastics industry, the road to "going out" will be broad


  Luo Baihui, secretary general of the Internation […]


Luo Baihui, secretary general of the International Association of Mould & Hardware Plastics Industry Suppliers, said that China is a big country in the production of plastic machines, but the trade deficit of the plastics industry has been at least 10 years, and the amount of imported plastic machines is basically twice the amount of exports. In the case that the import and export trade in the machinery industry generally maintains a favorable balance, the import and export trade deficit of the presses has not been changed.

The private economy accounts for more than 65%, and the number of small and medium-sized enterprises accounts for more than 98%. There are also a large number of private enterprises in the industry that are not on the scale. For example, there are about 200 injection molding machine manufacturers in Ningbo, Zhejiang, and more than 200 plastic screw machine enterprises in Dinghai District of Zhoushan. There are more than 100 plastic machinery auxiliary machines in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu. Because of this, the company's technology and economic strength are weak, and most companies do not have the strength to carry out independent innovation. At the same time, many of the country's preferential policies are difficult to benefit from this.

However, this dilemma is expected to be improved. It is reported that the “12th Five-Year Plan” of the press industry has been completed. According to this plan, China's plastic machine industry "12th Five-Year Plan" will be dedicated to precision manufacturing equipment, energy-saving plastic molding and processing equipment, large-scale plastic processing and molding equipment, national large-scale projects (high-speed rail, highways, large aircraft, etc.) Six major areas, such as equipment and environmentally friendly processing equipment, are listed as key development areas.

The “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” of the press industry also indicated that by 2015, the press industry will master a number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, develop a number of domestically advanced international advanced key products, and upgrade a batch of features and The industrial clusters of well-known brands have cultivated a number of large enterprises with industry-driven and international competitiveness, and strive to achieve a transformation from large to strong.

In addition, China's plastic machine industry is also facing a good international situation of exports. China's traditional export products have strong competitiveness in the international market. Plastic machine products have advantages in cost performance. The financial crisis has caused the purchasing power of countries to decline. Consumers pay more emphasis on practicality and cost performance when shopping, which makes China a cheap and good quality. Plastic machine products are more popular. Moreover, the impact of this international financial crisis on developed countries has become more serious. As a result, our competitors are also weakening and their market share is shrinking. This is also a good opportunity for us to explore international emerging markets. In short, the industrial base of China's plastic press is good, and the foundation of foreign trade work is solid. A series of effective measures have been explored. In particular, the fundamentals of the development of China's press industry have not changed, and the long-term trend has not changed. The goal of the plastics manufacturing giants to create a strong country into the plastic machine has not changed, which makes us have full confidence and confidence in accelerating the revitalization of China's plastic machine industry.

Of course, we should also see that the international financial crisis is still spreading, and the impact on China's economy is still deepening. The export situation of China's plastic press is still very serious. We must not be blindly optimistic and take it lightly. However, we believe that as long as we adhere to the scientific development concept as a guide, we will conscientiously implement the overall plan of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on this year's work, actively implement the adjustment and revitalization plan for the equipment manufacturing industry, make good use of development opportunities, create development conditions, and accelerate the pace of development. At the same time, in the work of exporting plastic presses, reviewing the situation, making scientific decisions, taking the difficulties and risks more seriously, estimating the time to deal with the crisis, and preparing the response to the crisis more fully, without any slack, With a firm focus on implementation, teamwork and teamwork, the “going out” road of China's plastic machine industry will certainly be broader and the export prospects will be even better.

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